The Best Way To Stop Global Warming

The Earth’s surface temperature has risen by about 1 degree Fahrenheit in the past century, with accelerated warming during the past two decades. There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities.

Human activities have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through the buildup of greenhouse gases—primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide ( Politics category). The heat-trapping property of these gases is undisputed although uncertainties exist about exactly how earth’s climate responds to them.

Energy from the sun drives the earth’s weather and climate, and heats the earth’s surface; in turn, the earth radiates energy back into space. Atmospheric greenhouse gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other gases) trap some of the outgoing energy, retaining heat somewhat like the glass panels of a greenhouse.

Without this natural “greenhouse effect,” temperatures would be much lower than they are now, and life as known today would not be possible. Instead, thanks to greenhouse gases, the earth’s average temperature is a more hospitable 60°F. However, problems may arise when the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases increases.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have increased nearly 30%, methane concentrations have more than doubled, and nitrous oxide concentrations have risen by about 15%. These increases have enhanced the heat-trapping capability of the earth’s atmosphere. Consequently, the temperature of the planet earth is rising.

Fossil fuels burned to run cars and trucks, heat homes and businesses, and power factories are responsible for about 98% of world carbon dioxide emissions, 24% of methane emissions, and 18% of nitrous oxide emissions. Increased agriculture, deforestation, landfills, industrial production, and mining also contribute a significant share of emissions. All these have dramatically reduce the lifespan of living earth.

The quest for efficient energy affects every country on the planet. Worldwide there is an increasing interest in developing clean, reliable alternatives to petroleum fuels. Many smart, safe, and clean alternative power sources are available in the market.

People can easily install these clean power sources at their home as alternative energy to help reducing carbon dioxide emission as well as reducing their utilities bill.

In recent year, people has come up with alternative power sources run their cars in order to reduce the spending on petrol gas and of course, reduce the carbon dioxide emission.

Please play your part on global warming. It is easy and at the same time, you could save money!

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Science: How to Sort through the Noise around Global Warming, the Latest Health Claims, and Other Scientific Controversies

Lies, Damned Lies, and Science: How to Sort through the Noise around Global Warming, the Latest Health Claims, and Other Scientific Controversies

Comprehensive, readable, and replete with current, useful examples, this book provides a much-needed explanation of how to be a critical consumer of the scientific claims we encounter in our everyday lives.

April Cordero Maskiewicz, Department of Biology, Point Loma Nazarene University


Seethalers book helps the reader look inside the workings of science and gain a deeper understanding of the pathway that is followed by a scientific findings from its beginnings in a research lab to its appearance on the nightly news.

Jim Slotta, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto


â??How I wish science was taught this way! Seethaler builds skills for critical thinking and evaluation. The book is rich with examples that not only illustrate her points beautifully, they also make it very interesting and fun to read.â?

â??Julia R. Brown, Director, Targacept, Inc.


Donâ??t Get Hoodwinked! Make Sense of Health and Science News…and Make Smarter Decisions!


Every day, thereâ??s a new scientific or health controversy. And every day, it seems as if thereâ??s a new study that contradicts what you heard yesterday. Whatâ??s really going on? Whoâ??s telling the truth? Whoâ??s faking it? What do scientists actually knowâ??and what donâ??t they know? This book will help you cut through the confusion and make sense of it allâ??even if youâ??ve never taken a science class! Leading science educator and journalist Dr. Sherry Seethaler reveals how science and health research really work…how to put scientific claims in context and understand the real tradeoffs involved…tell quality research from junk science…discover when someoneâ??s deliberately trying to fool you…and find more information you can trust!  Nobody knows what new controversy will erupt tomorrow. But one thingâ??s for certain: With this book, youâ??ll know how to figure out the real dealâ??and make smarter decisions for yourself and your family!


Watch the news, and youâ??ll be overwhelmed by snippets of badly presented science: information thatâ??s incomplete, confusing, contradictory, out-of-context, wrong, or flat-out dishonest. Defend yourself! Dr. Sherry Seethaler gives you a powerful arsenal of tools for making sense of science. Youâ??ll learn how to think more sensibly about everything from mad cow disease to global warmingâ??and how to make better science-related decisions in both your personal life and as a citizen.


Youâ??ll begin by understanding how science really works and progresses, and why scientists sometimes disagree. Seethaler helps you assess the possible biases of those who make scientific claims in the media, and place scientific issues in appropriate context, so you can intelligently assess tradeoffs. Youâ??ll learn how to determine whether a new study is really meaningful; uncover the difference between cause and coincidence; figure out which statistics mean something, and which donâ??t.


Seethaler reveals the tricks self-interested players use to mislead and confuse you, and points you to sources of information you can actually rely upon. Her many examples range from genetic engineering of crops to drug treatments for depression…but the techni…

Price: $19.99

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TCP 14-Watt SpringLight Compact Fluorescent Spiral Light Bulb, 3-Pack Color Temperature

Light up your home with General Electric CFL bulbs and save in energy costs. With a growing concern for reducing energy consumption, Globe’s compact fluorescent bulbs are a must in every home. CFLs use approximately 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs and produce the same light output. One CFL bulb lasts for 8,000 hours – guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years! This saves you money in energy costs and bulb purchases when compared to regular incandescent bulbs.

How do incandescent bulbs and CFLs compare?
Incandescent bulbs produce light by passing electricity through a small wire filament, heating it until it glows. Compact fluorescent lamps use an efficient chemical reaction to produce light, which requires 66%-75% less electricity to produce the same light output as a comparable incandescent bulb. CFLs are also cooler than incandescent bulbs and last considerably longer. CFLs are available in the familiar range of styles and colors to suit different applications, including standard round, candelabra, flood, track, three-way, dimmable, indoor, and outdoor.


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Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series

Planet Earth: The Complete BBC SeriesWith an unprecedented production budget of $25 million and from the makers of Blue Planet: Seas of Life comes the epic story of life on Earth. Five years in production over 2000 days in the field using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations shot entirely in high definition this is the ultimate portrait of our planet. A stunning television experience that captures rare action impossible locations and intimate moments with our planet’s best-loved wildest and most elusive creatures. From the highest mountains to the deepest rivers this blockbuster series takes you on an unforgettable journey through the daily struggle for survival in Earth’s most extreme habitats. Planet Earth takes you to places you have never seen before to experience sights and sounds you may never experience anywhere else.Running Time: 550 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: MISCELLANEOUS/SPECIAL INTEREST UPC: 794051293824 Manufacturer No: E2938

Price: $79.98

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nuclear Energy

If you have even a passing interest in the topic of the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the different types of energy.

Energy prices are on the rise and it is becoming increasingly difficult for households to keep monthly energy expenses on a tight leash. Comparing energy prices from different service providers and switching to the less costly ones is an option that many consumers are trying out and succeeding to some extent.

Energy is a global commodity that is integral to nearly every aspect of society. The energy sector contains some of the oldest functional mechanical equipment and technology in the nation and is currently undergoing major changes in all aspects of the energy value chain. Energy is indeed “fuel for thought” and will continue to be so for many years to come. Energy Auditors use state of the art equipment to diagnose problems that may exist. Following their in-home 2-3 hour survey, they provide you with a detailed report highlighting any trouble spots and savings opportunities that they may have discovered.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

Oil companies paid little attention to natural gas companies until recently. This could be the beginning of a big move where Chevron and others acquire companies with natural gas resources. Oil thug states control the supply, and it could be cut off. There might be reason to make imported oil very expensive, so that we would decrease our use of it.

Natural gas looks technically strong as we should see a big drawdown in supply. I think it should be in the minus 180 range. Natural gas is and should continue to be an important player in our transition to clean, domestic sources of energy. However, it is no panacea. Natural gas produces only one-half of the carbon produced by coal.

Energy Saving Site provides alternative energy news, environmental articles, and energy saving tips. We focus on alternative energy because it is now being looked at as a means of fuelling our economy as we move away from oil dependence. Energy Saving Site serves both as a tutorial for understanding technology development and commercialization issues and as a central source for resources.

There’s a lot to understand about the different types of energy. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.

About the author: offers information about the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy plus the different types of energy. You have full permission to reprint this article provided this paragpraph and hyperlinks are kept unchanged.

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5 Excellent Reasons To Install Solar Panels

You don’t have to look far to find reasons to get solar panels installed, and five of them are listed below. There are of course the environmental reasons, but there are also now very compelling financial reasons to get a solar installation. You also don’t have to look far for a company that is offering an installation either, for example there are nationwide installers such as this one:

1. Climate Change

The reason that renewable energy is important to literally everyone is because of the possible effects of global warming. There have been some dire forecasts made about what could happen if global warming goes too far. Not only might there be disastrous sea level rises, but ecosystems could be affected, meaning that food production could also be destroyed.

The way that getting solar cells installed will help with this is that it reduces our demand for fossil fuels. Oil companies are not extracting and burning oil just for the fun of it, they do it because the energy is being demanded. So if we get all of our energy from renewable sources, then fossil fuels will no longer be burned and hopefully climate change will be avoided.

2. Pollution Effects

Some people think that global warming is caused by pollution. It is difficult to refer to carbon dioxide as pollution, however, because it is a necessary substance in the atmosphere. The problem is simply that there is too much of it.

However pollution is another problem that is caused by burning fossil fuels, and which will be reduced by using more renewable energy. The way that pollution is a problem is that it affects the local environment in which the fossil fuels are burned.

3. Personal Financial Benefits

Most people who are interested in renewable energy are most interested in the positive environmental effects that using it will have. However, while most people would like to be able to help, if they cannot afford a solar installation then they simply are unable to. A recent scheme by the government, the feed in tariff, which makes solar panels a better investment is therefore very welcome.

The feed in tariff does not actually help with the initial cost of the investment, what it does do however is make it so that these costs can be paid off sooner. After that there will also be time to make profits from the energy produced. And that is on top of the savings that you will be making by not needing so much electricity from your normal supplier.

4. Economy

By making use of solar energy, you are moving the economy closer to being able to function without fossil fuels. This is of course the main aim, and what has to be done if we are going to achieve the positive environmental goals.

When you get a solar installation, you are also giving more money to solar companies, allowing them to expand and perhaps build more solar panels. The more solar cells there are on the market, the lower their price will be. And of course the lower the price, the more people will be able to afford them. In this way the green sector of the economy can grow, and this will again accrue environmental benefits.

5. Rising Energy Prices

One of the main factors which is pushing renewable energy in the short term, beyond any environmental concerns, is the fact that the price of conventional energy is rising. That is making it more and more viable for people and businesses to instead use renewable sources.

The earlier you get in with renewable energy, the more advantage you are going to get with the savings from conventional energy. You don’t want to wait until it is so expensive you can barely afford it though because that is going to make it more difficult to afford a solar installation.

Should You Get A Solar Installation?

If you are able to afford the initial cost of a solar installation, then for the reasons listed above, and more besides, it is going to be a very good idea.

If you’re interested in getting helping in the battle against global warming, visit to get additional information about acquiring solar cells. That is the place where Mason Hughes enjoys writing more concerning renewable energy.

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Go Green to Slow Down the Effects of Global Warming

Sad to say, but there are still many people that do not know what “global warming” is. Many would say it is just that the air temperature is hotter today than it used to be. But is that really the exact definition of global warming?

Though it is true that we are now experiencing an increase in temperature, it does not only stop there. Global warming is generally due to the increase level of greenhouse gases that greatly affect the human life – primarily the source of agriculture and the human industry. Unpredictable increase or decrease in temperature is not the sole effect of global warming. Global warming also includes flooding, drought, heat waves, forest fires, ascending sea level and reoccurrence of a more intense La Nias and El Nios.

There is no instant cure for this, but if people would unite and start caring for this world then nothing is impossible. We may not be able to find the cure to restore the world’s situation immediately but we can for sure slow down the vast and fatal destructive course that it is on. If people would work together hand-in-hand we could save our environment from a lot of devastation. So the big question is “how”?

Here are things you can do to “Go Green” to slow down the effects of global warming.

To practice being environmentally friendly and ecologically sensible is the best way to help the preserve and protect the remaining natural resources. Here are some of the ways you can help the environment.


Recycle. Our teachers in elementary, middle, and in high school continually encourage us to get into the habit of recycling at our very own home. We need to separate the materials that are biodegradable from non-biodegradable. Use old plastic bags and bottles rather than tossing them into the garbage. A little recycling goes a long way.


Segregate. Biodegradable materials can be decomposed by bacteria therefore it can be disposed of easily such as vegetable and fruit peelings, paper or any other organic materials. Non- biodegradable materials on the other hand, are those that do not decompose by themselves such as plastic materials, glass items, tins and metals and many, many more. These things are only decomposed by means of heat or fire, and some items take a longer time to decompose. These items can be recycled and turned into other things rather than ending up in a land fill for years and years.


Conserve Energy. Do not use you washing machine or wash your clothes if they are a few only. Wait until the dishwasher is full before you turn it on. Turn off the lights and other home appliances when nobody is using them.

These are just few of the simple things that you can do to prevent global warming. If everyone would just do their part, we could help save our planet and ourselves from a lot of harm.

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A Look at Global Warming

All in the news, on TV, in magazines, newspapers, and the radio we hear about global warming and the havoc it is wreaking on our poor planet. Many people believe everything that is reported, hook, line, and sinker and jump on the band wagon to save the universe while others roll their eyes and go right along with their daily lives not caring one iota about the world around them. So what is the real deal here? Are we damaging our planet, or is it all just a bunch of hype?

To answer these questions, we must first look at what global warming is and what the actual cause of this phenomenon is. Global warming is defined as the unusually rapid increase in the Earth’s normal or average surface temperature. Over the past century there has been an increase in temperature. Many believe that this is primarily due to the greenhouse gases that are released by people burning fossil fuels. Although a vast number of high profiled political figures and celebrities claim that modern day humanity is the cause of global warming and unless it is stopped our little planet is doomed, there are those who would disagree.

The earth has been going through the cycle of heating up and then cooling down for years. It is nothing new under the sun. More than 17,000 scientists signed a petition circulated by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine that basically states the “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” So, what is the truth?

It is very confusing as well as concerting to hear reports that man is destroying the planet. True enough, we have done a lot of damage to this beautiful place we call Earth, but to say that driving our SUV’s down the road is going to cause a tsunami in other parts of the world does seem a little far fetched. Perhaps the hot air from all the global warming arguments is indeed what is heating up our planet. Just a thought – maybe we should focus more on living in peace with and helping one another. Then the world would truly be a better place.

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How to Keep a Green Environment?

Nowadays, when you look around your surroundings, all you can see are piles of not properly disposed garbage on the streets, dirty river, and pollution on air and on the land! Gone are those days when our environment was clean and fresh. Why? What is happening to our environment now?

Is it really possible to keep a green environment? Is it really important to keep it always clean? Well, the answer to these questions is absolutely “Yes!” Some people thought that maintaining the cleanliness of our surrounding is difficult and impossible. They are probably wrong! Everybody can do a lot of ways to keep our place tidy and fresh. Regardless of the age, young or old- everybody can help achieve a green environment.

Listed below are some of the many ways that we can do to maintain cleanliness:

1. Do Not Create Too Much Pollution

Pollution is the biggest problem in every place in the world today. It comes in different forms like air, water and land pollution. Although pollution is indeed inevitable especially now that industrial sectors are increasing, nonetheless; we can at least minimize the causes of it.

2. Observe 3 R’s

3 R’s or what is known as Reduce, Recycle and Reuse are considered the most important and effective in keeping our surrounding clean. Reduce the use of elements that are harmful to our environment. Recycle some items like paper, glass, plastics to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide when these things are only burnt. Reuse some bottles, plastic bags and containers to lessen the garbage in the surrounding.

3. Plant More Trees

Most of our forests today are already denuded. As a result, we don’t breathe a cleaner and fresher air anymore. Planting more trees could be really helpful in keeping our environment clean. With many trees in the forest; they help increase the overall amount of oxygen level which is very beneficial to the environment, plants, animals and humankind.

4. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Materials

Don’t you know that the cleaning substances that you use at home and in your workplace can also cause harm to our environment? Yes, you have just read it right. There are some chemicals that bring too much harm to our environment. So always choose the eco-friendly cleaning materials to keep our environment clean and green. Continuous use of eco-friendly materials will save our world for future generation.

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Fight Global Warming With Solar Energy

The media has bombarded us with stories about how the ecosystems of the world will collapse and cities will be drowned by rising sea level if we don’t do anything about global warming. And yet most of us feel that there is nothing that we can do. Perhaps governments are able to do things, but as individuals we cannot. Actually though there is something we can do, we can start using solar energy to power our homes.

Solar Power For Houses

The way that people can help in the fight against global warming is by using solar panels on their roofs. It’s not going to make a big difference, one house isn’t anyway, but if lots of people do it then it will make a big difference. It is possible for solar cells to power everything in our houses.

Solar panels are able to use the light from the sun to create electricity. How they do this is quite ingenious but there isn’t space here to go in to detail about it. The important thing is, however, that this will drastically reduce your carbon footprint and make it so that less energy is being demanded from non-renewable sources that are causing the problems in the first place.

The Way Global Warming Works

With it being such a big news story, most people now understand that global warming is caused by burning things like oil, natural gas and coal. In other words, fossil fuels. The way this happens is that when they are burnt, carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide helps to heat the planet because when the Sun’s rays bounce off the surface of the Earth, they are trapped by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

So why don’t we simply stop using fossil fuels? The answer is that we cannot, not without absolutely decimating economies. In fact a lot of this energy goes in to the production of food, so if we simply stopped then a lot of people would starve. And as the population is still increasing, we actually need more economic growth in order to keep up with it all.

What we need to do, therefore, is find a way to drastically reduce the amount of fossil fuels we are burning without using less energy. For this, the answer is quite simple, we need a clean energy source. That means using a lot more renewable energy, which comes from the natural process on the planet, like wind, flowing water and of course the Sun. There is no other way out of the predicament that we are now in.

How To Afford Solar Panels

The only question that stops most people from using more renewable energy now is one of cost. Actually that doesn’t just go for individuals, but for companies as well. It really doesn’t matter how much we need renewable energy though, if people can’t afford it then they won’t be able to use it. This is a problem which has been quite significantly reduced in recent times though, because the government has provided some financial assistance in this regard.

The incentive that the UK government has introduced is called the feed in tariff. This does not help you to afford the panels in the first place, but it does mean that you will be able to pay off the installation costs much sooner. If you only had to rely on the savings from your energy bill then it would take about 25 years to break even, however with the government paying you for all of the solar energy you produce, it only takes about 8 years. There is therefore a very viable option now for most people to start fighting global warming on their own.

If you would like to find out more concerning how you can assist in the battle against global warming, see more articles by Alex Russell on solar energy at

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