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Global Warming Predictions

Aaron W asked: Jello has a point that things tend to get attributed to global warming after they happen. A few years back there was flooding in California and it was attributed to global warming and there were warnings that … Continue reading

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What Is The Evidence of Global Warming?

name goes here. asked: How do you think we could get more people interesed in global warming? i think people should get into it, because its our fault it’s happening. I really think that if we all changed our way … Continue reading

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Will Extreme Tornadoes and hurricanes Destroy The Planet?

i still don’t give a fukk asked: How is global warming caused because I heard that tornados and hurracains are going to destroy everything in the world. Control Climate Change Technorati Tags: climate change, global warming, extreme weather

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Are We Experiencing Global Warming Or Global Cooling?

K C S asked: If we are truly experiencing “Global Warming” I bet the people in the Northeast are thankful… think how much worse it would be without “Global Warming”! Earth News Technorati Tags: extreme weather, climate change

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