Global Warming Science Has Been Shown To Be A Giant Fraud

There is a growing source for never ending comedy in the realm and subject area of climate science. Most people have heard of climate change or global warming and if you are like me you want to do your part to keep the environment clean. I have many times wanted to play devil’s advocate and accept man made climate change claims on merit but each time I fail to find the merit.

Al Gore won a Nobel Peace prize along with several other scientists because of manmade climate science but since then some of these scientists have admitted that climate change is indeed a fraud as I suspected. Over one thousand scientists have come out in recent months to offer their credentials and their refutation of manmade climate change. The fact of the matter is that there are many scientists that have come to the conclusion that global warming and global cooling are frauds.

The scientists who filled out their information along with phone number school and address want to make it very clear they no longer agree with climate change. The science being used in current climate change thought is based on politically motivated stories created to further a political cause. Often the climate change reports sent out in mass media has been created using no real scientific data at all and yet the news media and public accept it as fact.

As in the case of Watergate where Republicans broke into the Watergate hotel which was being used at the time as Democratic headquarters we see climate change fraudsters breaking into the US economy to create a new energy tax that will be the largest tax hike ever created against the citizens of America. The climate change tax to reduce CO2 emissions would be used to create a slush fund to redistribute the wealth of American citizens and pepper that money across the globe with countries the US has made deals with. The politicians creating the slush fund would also become rich as much of this money would go to fund their side businesses in the global carbon emissions market.

Over 1000 respected scientists now claim that the UN climate change scientists are in this for ulterior motives and the whole thing is a big fraud. The facts and science in truth show that it would take another 150 years of data to determine if man is causing any changes to the environment through CO2 emissions. The most likely reasons for rising temperatures in metropolitan areas has more to do with streets, buildings, and pavement than emissions from cars, aerosol cans, and power plants.

Learn more about Climate Gate Reports. Alexa Smith’s has written about man made climate change science and how it is being rejected by scientists from Harvard.

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    Global Warming Science Has Been Shown To Be A Giant Fraud | Earth Global Warming

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    Global Warming Science Has Been Shown To Be A Giant Fraud | Earth Global Warming

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  14. Global Warming Science Has Been Shown To Be A Giant Fraud | Earth Global Warming

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