It Is High Time To Make Use Of Renewable Solar Energy

The very life of every living thing on Earth is dependent on the Sun. Without the Sun, we would not have animal or plant life, which supplies us with food and companionship. Without the Sun, we would have died out in former days, without the Sun these days, we may last a while, but it would not be much of a life.

The Sun offers us much more too. What we now refer to as ‘alternative, sustainable energy’ was the only type of energy available to the world for thousands of years. In reality, nuclear and even oil generated energy should be called alternative, but we have forgotten a lot. Particularly in the West.

It is not essential to go back to the habits of our farming forebears and get up and go to bed with the Sun, although it is still the way of life of the majority of the world’s population. No, we have technology and we should use it. At the moment, we use advanced technology to find more lakes of oil and dig ever deeper in more and more unreachable places to take it from the Earth. Or worse still, we go to war to steal or ensure supplies causing the death of thousands of young soldiers and the misery of millions of ordinary, innocent citizens.

We have to use our fantastic advances in technology to create electricity out of thin air. Literally. We already have the technology to produce solar panels and wind turbines in order to produce millions of kilowatts of electricity from the Sun and the wind. There is other technology that can make use of the movement of the seas and the natural high temperature of the Earth itself, although some of these are only available in some areas. For instance, wave power can only be taken advantage of, if you live on the coast.

However, solar and wind power can be used in any part of the world with varying levels of success. A combination of the two types of power generators is probably best for most regions. These technologies have been developed more or less haphazardly. What if we had spent our war chests of billions of dollars on advancing these technologies, instead of using them to level cities and kill people?

However, the technology is there to produce enough electricity to run a household. It is clear that we cannot wait for our governments to do much more for us. Their viewpoint is different, they do not want to harm big business. And the big electrical providers would be damaged if a significant number of people generated their own electricity and came off the grid.

The rich representatives in government are stuck between a rock and a very hard place. They know that oil is running out; they know that much more electricity will have to be produced from the wind and the Sun, but they do not want to damage the share value of big industry.

Imagine, what a hard time the energy producers would have explaining why the cost of electricity had to rise because he Sun or the wind had increased its charges. Whereas it is simple to explain when they say that OPEC has increased the price of oil. But, we are in OPEC, aren’t we?

Owen Jones, the writer of this piece, writes on many topics, but is currently involved with a favourite subject – alternative power sources. If you are interested in Sustainable Energy At Home, please click through to our site.

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    It Is High Time To Make Use Of Renewable Solar Energy | Earth Global Warming

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  6. It Is High Time To Make Use Of Renewable Solar Energy | Earth Global Warming

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  10. It Is High Time To Make Use Of Renewable Solar Energy | Earth Global Warming

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  14. It Is High Time To Make Use Of Renewable Solar Energy | Earth Global Warming

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