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Global Warming: Major Causes

This generation has seen a rapid skyrocketing of the earth’s surface temperature. Demand for air-conditioning units has reached record numbers. Is this temperature increase only for certain countries, or is it happening around the world? If it is worldwide, did it just happen to come about at the same time, or is this already the fringes of what they call global warming? Continue reading

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What Is The Evidence of Global Warming?

name goes here. asked: How do you think we could get more people interesed in global warming? i think people should get into it, because its our fault it’s happening. I really think that if we all changed our way … Continue reading

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What Percentage of Global Warming Deniers Can’t Differentiate Between Weather and Climate?

Dana1981 asked: It seems like half the questions in the global warming section these days are ‘if global warming is true why is it snowing today?’. What percentage of global warming deniers do you think don’t know the difference between … Continue reading

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