Global Warming: Major Causes

This generation has seen a rapid skyrocketing of the earth’s surface temperature. Demand for air-conditioning units has reached record numbers. Is this temperature increase only for certain countries, or is it happening around the world? If it is worldwide, did it just happen to come about at the same time, or is this already the fringes of what they call global warming?

Global warming is a very much misunderstood concept. To put it simply, it is the slow and continuous warming of the earth. Scientists point out that it is part of the planet’s natural cycle of warming and cooling to go though it every few thousands of years; for example, they say that warming comes once in 15,000 years, and then continues for the next 1,500 years before cooling again. They say this is the natural cycle of the earth to go through warming at this point. But ecologists are more vocal about what they believe causes this warming occurrence. They have been very active in hounding organizations that they believe are worsening the issue. They site the following as the major triggers of this phenomenon:

1. Vehicles that produce carbon monoxide as they burn fossil fuels for energy are a major cause they have pointed out. This element is the main byproduct of automobiles, and is considered a top ozone layer destroyer. The ozone layer, which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun, is made up of oxygen particles connected to one another. The carbon monoxide can react with these oxygen particles and cause them to disintegrate, thus resulting in a thinner ozone layer. This is the major reason why environmentalists seriously push for car companies to manufacture automobiles with alternative sources of energy like electric-powered cars and those that run on liquefied petroleum gas.

2. As more people cut down trees from the forests, the planet gets noticeably hotter. This is why environmentalists are serious about encouraging recycling, since the more paper that gets wasted, the more trees will be used to make more paper. This translates into a greater threat for our rain forests. But why are trees vital in keeping the earth’s temperature cool, other than giving a temporary shade from the heat of the sun? The main reason is that trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Carbon dioxide affects the ozone layer in a way similar to carbon monoxide. This is similar to what happens in a greenhouse, with heat being concentrated by the glass panels. Global warming, as such, is also known as the “greenhouse effect.”

3. Hairsprays with chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs are considered a major killer of the ozone layer, also because of the carbon interaction with the oxygen molecules in the ozone. Environmentalists have strongly opposed the production of such products with CFCs. Fortunately, more beauty products have been produced that do not rely on CFCs, such as mousse and clay.

Now that you understand these basic causes of global warming, it has become less of a myth but more of fact. Researchers are still wondering if the ozone is capable of repairing itself, or if the damage is irreparable. History students sometimes think the Great Flood of many thousands of years ago was actually linked to a global warming incident that led to melted polar ice caps, or what is known as an ice age. This is what ecologists are fond of threatening non-environmentally-conscious organizations. But it would be better to educate people about global warming instead of just forcing them to be conscious of the environment out of fear, would it not?

Global warming is one problem that is causing main concern at the present. If we will not do our own part, this world would not be a safe place for our children. For more of the suggestions on how we can share, please go to

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    Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

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  4. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

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  6. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

  7. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

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  9. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

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  11. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

  12. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

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    Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

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  16. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

  17. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

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  23. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

  24. Global Warming: Major Causes | Earth Global Warming

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