Why Choose Sustainable Wind Power?

Electricity created from wind powered turbines is one of the most prevalent forms of energy from alternative sources and it is the fastest-growing variety too. Wind turbines are turned by the natural strength of the wind, so make electricity without ‘burning up’ any fossil fuels in the procedure. The faster (harder) the wind gusts, the more electricity is produced.

Therefore, wind turbines are best placed where there are prolonged periods of high wind. The coast line is often a good place to site wind turbines. In fact many coastal towns and cities are supplementing their existing conventional electricity supply with electricity created from wind turbines.

You can still produce energy from wind, even if the wind does not blow very hard where you live, but the return will be less. It could still be sufficient, but maybe you should check out solar panels as well. For instance, it may suit your location to have a wind turbine for the winter and a couple of solar panels for the summer and winter back up.

Making a wind turbine is not rocket science, most people who are good with their hands can make a wind turbine with the help of a good set of DIY plans. The real trick is to get all the components that the plans say you will need before you start. That way, you can focus on following the plans without having to nip off every now and again to get a part.

One valid point is that you should not worry about producing too much electricity, because many the electricity companies in many countries are required to buy your surplus electricity back from you these days. This is not a complicated process, you just have to remain plugged into the grid and your surplus electricity will flow back into the grid changing the numbers on the meter automatically.

In this case your meter is read monthly or quarterly as normal, but you will be given a refund rather that a bill. The more wind turbines and solar panels you install, the bigger a repayment you are likely to receive. In some cases, the units of electricity that you sell back are worth up to twice the units you use from the same electricity company.

Aside from the fact that you will not be getting an electricity bill every month or that your bill will be hugely reduced, a very significant point is that you will be one of the very, very few people who is not badly affecting our planet. You will not be so responsible for the greenhouse gases that are created by making standard electricity.

You have nothing to lose by learning more about creating your own electricity, coming off the grid and doing your bit for the natural world. The very least that can take place is that you read the information and become wiser on the subject and you may not implement you knowledge that you have learned. This would be a real pity, but not a big financial loss.

Owen Jones, the author of this article, writes on many subjects, but is currently involved with a favourite subject – alternative power sources. If you are interested in Sustainable Energy At Home, please click through to our site.

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